rivulets [Chair Kickers Union, 2002]; Rating: 8 from Alternative Press rivulets [Chair Kickers Union, 2002]; Rating: 8 Who? Singer-songwriter Nathan Amundson, joined by members of Low, Magnetic Fields, and Puritan. Sounds like: Dark, sparse folk music played on acoustic guitar and an assortment of other instruments (ukulele, xylophone, toy piano and more). How is it? […]

The Alcohol EPs [Silber, 2002] from Beta Music The song book about alcohol runneth over. Through the ages, artists and musicians have sought the spirit as lubricant and muse, extolling its faithfulness as a pick-me-up, and weeping over its slippery treachery. Nick Lowe mooned about Milk And Alcohol, Doc Pomus cleverly nicknamed it “the Doctor” […]