January 2005

After a long absence, January sees the return of rivulets to the UK. Please visit the shows page for dates and locations. These will be the first UK shows for rivulets in four years!

“Howl On Wind” – Live @ Lavatoio – XI.I.MMIV is the name of a live double album of rivulets’ and Drekka’s recent performances in Santarcangelo, Italy.

It can be ordered in North America from BlueSanct – figurehead@bluesanct.com – and in the rest of the world from Ora D’Aria – santarcangelo.cult@libero.it

CD1 is Drekka’s set, with rivulets joining in at the end for a collaborative piece. CD2 is rivulets’ set. You can view a cover scan and the track listing for rivulets’ CD on the discography page, under ‘live’.