Rivulets - We’re Fucked

August 23rd 2011 - Important Records

Rivulets - We’re Fucked

"Representing five years of work & nearly constant touring, this album reflects the intense nature of Rivulets as a 3 piece. If you haven't seen them on tour this record will come as a revelation. Recorded, appropriately, at the Sacred Heart Music Center, a cathedral built in the late nineteenth century." - Important Records



  • Recorded and mixed by Eric Swanson at Sacred Heart Music Center, Duluth
  • Additional recording by Roberto Sopracasa at Sound Development, Trieste
  • Mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service
  • All songs by Nathan Amundson © 2010 Rivulets, BMI
  • Nathan Amundson - guitars, piano, voice
  • Francesco Candura - bass
  • Nathan Vollmar - drums
  • Photography by Christy Romanick
  • Design by Leo Romanick
  • Thank you: Alan Sparhawk, M