February 12th 2024


In the spring of 2002 I went into the studio to record demos for what would become the second Rivulets album, DEBRIDEMENT. The demos were intended for the many collaborators I had invited to join me in Duluth to record the album. Many would be traveling from far away, and these recordings would give them time to come up with their own ideas on their way to Minnesota. The demos were one-or-two take deals, just raw voice and guitar meant to convey the basics of the songs I had in mind to record. All these years later, Jake Larson - who recorded the demos - dug up the files. I thought I would offer them to you, unedited and unmastered, exactly as they were first sent out into the world some 20 years ago… - Nathan Amundson, Rivulets



  • Recorded and mixed by Jake Larson at Music Tech in St. Paul, MN
  • Nathan Amundson - guitar and voice
  • All songs by Nathan Amundson © 2002 Rivulets, BMI
  • Except "You Will Miss Me When I Burn" by Will Oldham © Royal Stable Music, ASCAP
  • Many thanks to Jake Larson and Alan Sparhawk