List of rivulets shows.

Check the shows page for new dates added to the May tour… Rivulets for this tour is Nathan Amundson with the guitar and singing, Nathan Vollmar on the drums, and beginning in Bordeaux, Francesco Candura on bass.

Three new comps if you want them: That Horse Yonder – tribute to Sparklehorse with our cover of the song “painbirds”. Listen and buy at Every Song I Hear Is Freezing – with “Keep You From Harm” from the rivs / marc gartman CD plus a live version of “waited for you”. Free with […]

rivulets will tour Europe in May 2007. If you would like to set up a show in your town, please contact Paper & Iron Booking. The new rivulets album “you are my home” was released in North America on November 28 on Important Records. We’re trying to get “you are my home” released in Europe, […]