reviews for rivulets’s self-titled release

rivulets [Chair Kickers Union, 2002] from Not too long ago, I made one of the worst errors a critic can make… I lost a CD that I was supposed to review. Somehow, in the midst of moving, of packing and boxing, my copy of "Rivulets" was misplaced. For all I know, my old landlord […]

rivulets [Chair Kickers Union, 2002] from Mojo Residing in a hazy singer-songwriter space somewhere between Nick Drake and Red House Painter Mark Kozelek, Rivulets’ eponymous debut (Chair Kickers Union) is the work of one Nathan Amundson. Using voice, guitar and a little help from members of Low and the Magnetic Fields, he’s crafted a work […]

rivulets [Chair Kickers Union, 2002] from Dream Magazine Rivulets is Nathan Amundson and a rotating cast of friends. He makes a wonderfully evocative melancholic sound. His voice, guitar and songs are radiate a potent poignancy, that put him on a par with Red House Painters, Tindersticks or Low at their most sorrowfully beautiful. This takes […]