‘Stray Songs’ was released eight years ago this month. “The complete collection of Rivulets singles and compilation tracks 2000-2010. Compiling every single and compilation track released by Rivulets from 2000-2010. Includes rare, live and alternate studio versions of Rivulets songs and covers of Sparklehorse, Big Star, Palace Brothers, Codeine, Jandek and Remora songs.” Stray Songs: […]

UPSETTER was released three years ago today. “43 minutes of glacial ambience; composed by Nathan Amundson (Rivulets), and featuring Jessica Bailiff (Kranky), Chris Brokaw (Codeine), and Bob Weston (Shellac).” Upsetter by Nathan Amundson https://rivulets.bandcamp.com/album/upsetter The new Rivulets album is coming in 2018.