“d e m o s” re-released today

The very first Rivulets release – the “d e m o s” EP – is re-released today by Silber Records with bonus tracks.

Here’s what Silber Records has to say about it:

“d e m o s” captures an era of Rivulets that hasn’t been documented elsewhere. During the first formative year of Rivulets, an important part of the band was bass player Jason Seckel, who’s minimal long sustained notes style can finally be heard for the first time by many fans. You get to hear early versions of songs like “Four Weeks” & “Past Life” along with unreleased songs like “Sick Love” & our personal favorite “Anyway.”

This is a digital-only release and will only be available direct from Silber Records. Go here to download.

Up next: “Stray Songs”, a complete collection of Rivulets singles, compilation tracks and covers 2000-2010.

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