September 2006

The 3rd rivulets album, “you are my home”, will be released this winter on Important Records in the US. Release info for the rest of the world and more details as they come…

Delirious Riot tapes just released a compilation containing a new rivulets song. Here’s what they say:

“it’s called pio pio and it has the theme birds. 66 minutes of tape are filled with 2o songs by e.g. adrian orange, rivulets, annelies monseré, anni rossi, vollmar, bloedrood, drekka and many more.. ranging from lo-fi to freakfolk, with some excursions to soundscapes, electrotrash and even pop. get it now for 3.5o € / 5.oo $!

The new Heller Mason album on Silber records contains a cover of rivulets’ song “barreling towards nowhere like there’s no tomorrow”. You can pick up the Vlor album while you’re there; or here on the order page, while copies last.

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