Dream Magazine – by George Parsons

you’ve got your own [Acuarela, 2004]

from Dream Magazine

This five-song EP is a fine showcase for Rivulets’ warmly melancholic vision. All previously unreleased songs, written and sung by Nathan Amundson, who, at times, resembles his stateside label mates, friends and neighbors Low.

Frail but powerful, tender and acoustically based, but capable of real intensity. Rainy streets, and then inside where it’s warm and dry. Sleep that falls down like a gift from heaven. Mercy that freely open its arms and heart to the world.

I suspect that one most likely has to know pain to truly know compassion; perhaps Amundson has never known a hungry moment, felt a heartache, or experienced love or loss, but I doubt it very much.

So here is some solace for that wide awake morning, as you watch it rain forever outside the kitchen window. Here is some comfort and some sort of antidote to so much sorrow.

George Parsons, Dream Magazine

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