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arco / rivulets [Comes with a Smile]

from Strange Fruit

Comes with a Smile is a rather lovely fanzine as well as a label, in case you didn’t know, and well worth checking out. And this release is a perfect example of the sort of music Comes With A Smile covers – wonderfully ethereal, blissfully quiet stuff that has the power to move your soul. Arco need no introduction. One of the wonderful bands on the Dreamy Records roster, they do their reputation proud here by presenting a gloriously melancholic number, ‘Silent Wonder’, in which Chris Healey’s vocal is so gloriously sublime there are barely words to describe it.

Backing it up are Rivulets, which is basically Nathan Amundson with an acoustic guitar giving a sombre, breathtaking performance. His rare live appearances are quite wonderful things, almost painful to watch they are so personal, so breathtakingly precious. And the very essence of them is captured here on vinyl, in a pondering track that seems to end without warning and leave the listener begging for more. A quiet revolution.

PH, Strange Fruit

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