Dream Magazine – by George Parsons

rivulets [Chair Kickers Union, 2002]

from Dream Magazine

Rivulets is Nathan Amundson and a rotating cast of friends. He makes a wonderfully evocative melancholic sound. His voice, guitar and songs are radiate a potent poignancy, that put him on a par with Red House Painters, Tindersticks or Low at their most sorrowfully beautiful. This takes the listener to a twilit world of broken hearted mourning and loss, but it has you by the hand as you pass through the process. There’s comfort in the ache if it’s shared. Song can comfort the inconsolable soul, music reaching into the hardest parts of the heart, this sort of record can save your life sometimes. As we all hover here between life an death everyday; this is perfect for a holy sulk, a week of weeping, or just to feel the cool surrender of everything fading into inescapable blue. Guests include LD Beghtol, Mimi Parker and Alan Sparhark (Low), Alan also recorded and mixed this with an obvious feeling of kinship.

George Parsons, Dream Magazine

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